We offer a range of additional services; from impact assessments to water technology selection to impact investing.

Impact assessments

We assess the potential social, environmental and economic impact of different infrastructure solutions, for all stakeholders in the basin.

We measure, amongst others, the following KPI’s:
• Number of people supplied with drinking water
• Number of people connected to sewage infrastructure
• Volumes of fresh water extracted from nature
• Volumes of effluents reused by each sector
• Total capital and operational expenses
• Total system costs, pay-back times, ROI etc.

Water technology evaluation

We can evaluate the impact – in terms of costs and benefits – of different water treatment technologies on the system solution. We consider different technical and economic parameters of the technology (capacity, treatment level, CAPEX, OPEX, etc.). We also consider the TRL level of the technology when optimizing the investment strategy.

Type of technologies we can evaluate:
• Desalination technologies
• Wastewater treatment technologies
• Natural treatment solutions (e.g. wetlands)

For more information see our Technology Catalogue: Technology Catalogue – Frontier Ventures

Source: SEECON (2010)

Impact investing

We develop investment opportunities for impact investors. We have connections with a number of impact investors.
It is estimated that a dazzling USD 7,500 billion dollars are needed between now and 2030 to build the water infrastructure required to reach SDG6. Solid and resilient water infrastructure solutions and investment strategies are needed to realize socio-economic growth in the developing countries. AquaVest develops future-proof regional water master plans and investment propositions that balance technical, economic, social, environmental and political interests. The market for water infrastructure investments is booming. Below are shown the estimated global water infrastructure market sizes per sector (2017). Read our article on “Optimising water infrastructure investments with artificial intelligence“.


4-10% (CAGR)


5-30% (CAGR)


13-19% (CAGR)

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