We support our clients in shaping a sustainable water future by developing regional water master plans and investment strategies. We also offer tailor-made AquaVest software licenses.

Our process

1. Workshop
We typically start with a workshop where key stakeholders from the public and private sector are present. The goal of the workshop is to develop a better understanding of the problem, the objective, the different interests of the stakeholders, the drivers of the project and the timeline.

2. Water master planning
The water master plan has a regional focus and aims to explore different strategies to improve water management. Different business propositions and investment strategies will be assessed.

3. More detailed studies
Detailed studies can focus on the optimisation of specific sub-systems or on the improvement of KPI’s (social, environmental and economic trade-offs).

4. Development of tailor-made licenses
Once we have developed a complete and holistic network model of the area, we can offer a tailor-made software licenses to the client.

“First of all, the collaboration of all parties involved in this project was constructive and pleasant. AquaVest has proven to be a powerful tool, because it literally shows all the possibilities for optimizing the (waste) water chain, taking into account all relevant variables and conditions.” Hans van Reeuwijk, Environmental Engineer Environmental, IFF, Tilburg

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