Industrial area Kraaiven-Vossenberg

Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands


Province of Noord-Brabant
Waterboard De Dommel


AquaVest has successfully launched a Proof of Concept in cooperation with i.a. the Province of Noord-Brabant (NL), Waterboard De Dommel and four key industrial players to explore different improved regional water management strategies for 2020 to 2040. As Proof of Concept, AquaVest was deployed to investigate options to improve regional water management in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

  • The collaboration consisted of 4 industrial players (Agristo, Coca-Cola, Fuijfilm and IFF), 2 water boards (waterboard De Dommel and Brabantse Delta, 1 drinking water company (Brabant Water) and 1 municipality (Tilburg)
  • Based on input data from the stakeholders an interactive network model of the area was developed reflecting the current water balance, water management strategies, transport distances and utilization of water infrastructure already in place
  • The objective was to demonstrate the value of AquaVest for supporting the joint decision-making process regarding the use of groundwater:
    • Outline several improved water management options and investment strategies
    • Evaluate the potential to deploy Aquavest at program level

Objective: AquaVest to identify the optimal system design at lower CAPEX

The objective of the study was to explore options to reduce the shared ground/ drinking water intake volumes amongst the 4 industrial players, to:

  • Reduce the ground/ drinking water intake to 94% from early 2020 onwards
  • Subsequently, reduce the ground/ drinking water intake to max. 30% in 2040
  • Considering the growing demands for drinking water from households and given the condition to utilize earlier investments in the best possible way


The impact of water recycling, water reuse and taxation measures have been analysed through 7 scenarios based on technical and economic input variables. The project delivered the following impact:

SDG6: Clean water and sanitation

  • Reducing the intake of ground/ drinkingwater for industrial use allows for growth in the number of households

SDG12: Responsible consumption and production

  • Treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater of alternative source of ground/ drinkingwater
  • Improved collaboration between the public sector and the private sector

SDG13: Climate action

  • Create a alternative reliable source of  water to improve security of supply for the 4 industrial players year-round
  • Reduced groundwater extraction volumes improves the area’s water balance in the long term

“Agristo is positively surprised by the working method, the holistic approach of a fairly extensive issue. The deployed model allows for a quick and clear way to assess the impact of many different parameters, both physical, economic and technical. This leads to either unexpected, innovative insights or confirms earlier expectations or feelings.” Antoon Wallays, Director Agristo, Tilburg