AquaVest was applied to find innovative water management strategies for the following projects.


Tilburg, The Netherlands

Government and industry collaborate on a (more) circular use of water at business park Kraaiven-Vossenberg.


Goed Gietwater (demo)

Westland, The Netherlands

Treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater as alternative irrigation source during periods of drought.


Beneficial reuse of produced water

Nimr oil fields, Oman

Constructed wetlands as cost-effective polishing step in the treatment of produced water from oil fields.


Case studies in The Netherlands

The case studies below are good examples of cross-sector collaboration on effluent re-use to improve the self-sufficiency and water security of the private sector. AquaVest could help improve the business case of these projects.

Improving the self-sufficiency of Dow Terneuzen by utilizing alternative water sources in the area.

Treatment of wastewater from a Bavaria brewery for reuse as irrigation water in the agriculture sector.

Treatment of municipal wastewater for reuse as irrigation water for the nearby horticulture sector.

Case studies abroad

The projects below are good examples from Shell on how to create effective collaborations between industry, municipalities and local communities on the reuse of effluents.  The development of win-win propositions is crucial for doing good and long term business.

Queensland, Australia

Produced water treatment for reuse by local communities.

Dawson Creek, Canada

Using treated municipal wastewater for natural gas production.

Nimr oil fields, Oman

Produced water treatment for reuse in biosaline agriculture (non-food crops).

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