We have combined our 30+ years of experience in water management, business development and artificial intelligence  to develop the AquaVest tool.

Duska Disselhoff


Duska gained 12 years of work experience with Shell in The Netherlands, Singapore, Brunei, and North America. She spearheaded the development and deployment of sustainable solutions in the water-energy-land context. In her role as Green Infrastructure program manager, she collaborated with the WBCSD and several EU groups on water and natural capital accounting. She also collaborated with The Dow Chemical Company, SwissRe and The Nature Conservancy on projects in the USA.

Specialties include new technology development, business innovation, and partnerships.

MSc, Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Rutger de Mare


Rutger is partner of AquaVest and founder of Quo Mare B.V. Before Rutger started his own company in 2016 he worked as principal consultant and director OF business development at Ortec B.V. Before joining Ortec he was operations research consultant at Shell for more than 6 years.

Specialities: as a quantitative business expert, his drive is to help companies at the cross section of Business Development and Analytics & Optimization through the development of optimization models.

MSc, Econometrics and Operations Research, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Nort Thijssen


Nort is an associate at Quo Mare B.V. and expert in mathematical modelling. Nort has worked for Shell Global Solutions for more than 36 years in a variety of roles: starting as a research mathematician and assistant in economics & scheduling to global discipline lead network masterplanning & optimisation and principal consultant of energy system modelling.

His specialties include: development of strategic decision support systems, water accounting, operations research and mathematical programming.

MSc, Operations Research, Eindhoven University of Technology

Jan Zander


Jan is an expert in water, energy and utilities. He has worked 30 years for Shell in petrochemical complexes in the Netherlands, UK and Malaysia. Jan performed consultancy, trouble shooting and designs from the Shell central office for all continents. His passion is in making new designs and existing plants as efficient and reliable as possible. For several plants, he developed and specified optimisation tools to aim for efficient operation.

Specialties include raw water and cooling water treatment, demineralisation, steam systems, effluent treatment, and water reuse projects.

MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Georg Stockinger


Georg is a senior water treatment and integration engineer at Shell. He has in-depth experience with designing new, and troubleshooting existing water treatment plants and utilities in refineries, gas terminals, LNG and petrochemical plants. Georg is involved in reducing the environmental impact of operations in the oil and gas industry, by optimising energy efficiency and water usage especially in water constrained areas. He has extensive contacts with external parties and academia.

Specialties include raw water treatment, cooling water conditioning, effluent treatment, process water integration and evaluation of new water technologies.

MSc, Chemistry, Leiden University

Jaap Evers


Jaap is senior lecturer Water and Environmental Policy at IHE Delft – Institute for Water Education. At IHE Delft he is responsible for coordination and teaching of the courses Environmental Planning and Implementation and Strategic Planning for River basins and Deltas.

Specialties include environmental and water policy making and implementation, river basin governance, and Integrated Water Resources Management.

PhD, Public Administration / Water Governance, University of Twente
Post-graduate diploma, Political Science and Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc, Tropical Landuse / Irrigation and Water Engineering, Wageningen University & Research

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