AquaVest develops optimized watersystem solutions based on clearly defined supply/demand scenarios and considering various technical, economic and environmentel constraints.

AquaVest identifies the required investments in water infrastructure to optimize the existing water system solution at lowest overall costs. When performing watersystem optimizations (without transition planning) it is assumed that important viariables do not change over time. Therefore, with water optimization studies, AquaVest generates system solutions whose annual recurring costs (CAPEX + OPEX) are constant over time.

Water technology evaluation

AquaVest can evaluate the impact, in terms of costs and benefits, of different water treatment technologies on the system solution. We consider technical and economic parameters of the technology (capacity, treatment level, CAPEX, OPEX, etc.) as well as the develophase phase (TRL level) of the technology.

Source: SEECON (2010)

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