AquaVest generates optimized watersystem solutions based on a clearly defined objective and considering the design limits of existing water infrastructure.

AquaVest identifies the required investments in water infrastructure to achieve the objective (meeting the demand for water taking account of hydrological constraints) at lowest overall costs. When performing watersystem optimizations (without transition planning) the assumption is that important viariables do not change over time (for example water supply and demand figures). AquaVest generates system solutions whose annual recurring costs (CAPEX + OPEX) are constant.

"Agristo is positively surprised by the working method, the holistic approach of a fairly extensive issue. The deployed model allows for a quick and clear way to assess the impact of many different parameters, both physical, economic and technical. This leads to either unexpected, innovative insights or confirms earlier expectations or feelings." Antoon Wallays, Director Agristo, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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